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Lugs and Terminals, Copper & Aluminium Lugs, Terminals, Bi-Metal Lugs and Ferrules

Lugs and Terminals

Our lugs and terminals are designed to make your connections easier, we offer a wide range of shapes and sizes making it easy to find the right one for your electrical application.

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Cable Management, Cable Ties, Plastic Cable Glands

Cable Management

Our wide range of cable management products are perfect for commercial, manufacturing or domestic environments. Our range of cable ties, glands and nuts, DIN rails etc. will ensure an orderly, uncluttered cabling route.

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Cable Protection, Heatshrinks Product, Trunking, Grommets, Spiroband, PVC Sleeving

Cable Protection

Protect your cable installation from harsh environments, heat, overbending, wear and tear, chemicals etc. The Three-D range of Flex tube, spiroband and trunking offers a wide array of specifications to choose from.

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Wire and Cable Markers, Identification Markers, K-Type Markers

Wire and Cable Markers

A switch cabinet can only pass the acceptance test if the various circuits can be clearly identified therefore take advantage of our wide range of wire and cable markers that will make it easy to mark wires and cables.

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Test Instruments, Digital Multimeters, Clamp Meters, Laser Distance Meter, Thermal Imagers

Test Instruments

From multimeters, clamp meters, testers, borescopes, thermal imagers and laser levels you will find the perfect test instrument for your application.

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Hand Tools, tape measures, chalk lines, laser level, screwdriver

Hand Tools

High quality and a wide range is what we offer our customers. From hammers, spanners, torches, screwdrivers and pliers, we have the right tool.

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Power Tools, dewalt cordless drills, electric tool, hand grinders, cordless grinder for sale, tools drill, grinders tools,

Power Tools

Whether it is an industrial application or domestic, make sure you use the best power tools available. Our Black and Decker, Stanley and Dewalt power tool ranges offers the best quality and variety.

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Battery and Hydraulic Tools, cutter wire, hydraulic cable crimper, crimper, crimping, wire crimper, cable stripper,

Battery and Hydraulic Tools

Three-D offer a range of high-quality battery hydraulic crimping tools with variety to choose from at affordable price.

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Renewable & Solar

Renewable & Solar

The PV industry of today is evolving rapidly as system sizes get larger, storage technologies become cheaper and more efficient, regulation changes and market needs change.

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