mining industry

Mining & Industrial

We offer the best cable management solutions when it comes to the specialised needs for the extremely tough environment of the open cast and underground mining industries. We provide a full product range suitable for both fixed installations and mobile equipment.

Safety management is crucial at Three-D, we offer conduits that effectively protect electrical wiring and cables from moisture, compression and abrasion. These conduits are important components of mining equipment and vehicles. Our cable protection systems for mining and heavy equipment include diverse fittings and accessories to meet your requirements.

cable accessorie

Commercial / Industrial

The controls and regulations required for running production processes, require stringent quality in terms of the connection systems used. The components must function optimally under changing and often extreme conditions.

Innovative connection systems from Three-D are safe, maintenance-free and specially designed for continuous use. Our high-performance products maintain form, strength and quality under strong vibration, high temperatures and high humidity levels.

electrical wholesale

Electrical Wholesale

We offer an extensive variety of cable accessories from reputable brands both locally and internationally. We stock a wide range of cables accessories, from lugs & terminals, cable protection, cable management, identification system, test instrumentations, hand tools & power tools. Our products comply with all local and International regulatory standards and includes the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

We assist our electrical partners with their expansion into traditional and emerging markets, by consistently supporting them with sound solutions, and by always improving on our product offering.

We are proud of our employees, who are industry experts and have critical knowledge on our markets and products, with very strong relationships with our customers.

We have local facilities, that manufacture specific ranges and that which meets highest standards, and designed to improve performance, safety and reliable application as set out by the relevant governing and regulatory bodies. Our products are offered at competitive price points, where our price / quality ratio is well received by our customers.

We provide marketing support for all our partners, through our digital marketing content, website & product database.

automotive tools


We are, also, committed to providing innovative automotive industry products and solutions. We provide products that meet and exceed the most rigorous regulatory standards. We maintain numerous industry certifications and registrations, so our customers know they are receiving the highest quality products and services. We provide lightweight and multifunctional components that fasten and protect the electronics and wiring in vehicles. Our goal is to give the automotive industry the freedom to create the future of mobility. We deliver solutions that will optimise your processes.

renewable solar

Renewable & Solar

The Renewable Energy and Solar sector have become the fastest growing industry in Africa. Our products are renowned for their reliability, consistency and precision. Our connection systems not only ensure smooth function in power generation, but also meet the highest demands placed upon them in the areas of transmission and distribution systems.

Although cable management is one of the most important aspects of a photovoltaic (PV) system, it’s also commonly overlooked during installation. Cabling must be properly routed, organized, supported, and protected to endure the often-harsh environments in which solar power systems are used.

agriculture solutions


Our cable management products are not just built to withstand tough conditions, but also to thrive in them. Maximum durability and performance is guaranteed in every application.

Our products offer maximum performance with minimised costs in all our agriculture solutions. Our products consistent quality and reliability is guaranteed, and we can provide relevant certification as and when it may be required. An important criterion for the customer is the ongoing availability of their equipment, as the equipment need to be quickly up-and-running with low-maintenance in the long-term.

We have established an excellent reputation in the agricultural sector as a competent partner for standard and tailor-made solutions.

marine banner


The shipyard industry is full of harsh conditions that can impact the operational life of traditional electrical wire and cable. Inside a ship, everything must be extra safe, with fire protection a key factor when it comes to certifying the materials used. Most importantly, all these marine cables are exposed the corrosive elements and extreme temperatures daily.

Our cable accessories range of products provide added safety and plug-and-play capabilities. These capabilities protect your marine cables and prevent premature failures, ultimately eradicating the stress of worrying about your cable’s exposure.

To decrease your liability and costs, we offer premium high-quality anti-corrosive and liquid-tight marine solutions that endure long-term environmental demands.


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